(From JoAnn Fagan ( Mikolaizik) -- Fran McCarty Zajac and I went to Monroe for Jean Ann's (Sister M. Cecillia) funeral/memorial service.  Her sister Janet played the pipe organ and piano for the service.   Her niece Rebecca Friedman Pepper played the violin to accompany her mother Janet. It was outstanding.

One of the songs sung at the Mass was  Always Faithful, This is My God. It was written and copyrighted by Jean Ann in 1980, before her accident. She was truly a talented woman. 

Jean Ann Campana Memorial
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Vytau Virskus Receives State and National Awards


Classmate Vytau Virskus (and his Millenium Energy Company) recently received state and national awards for his energy project. 


The first Award for the Project of the Year for the Dearborn HVAC Infrastructure and Energy Initiative was a state award from the American Public Works Association. That award was presented at the Grand Traverse Resort on October 13th collectively to the City of Dearborn and its design team which included Millenium Energy.


The second award was from the Association of Energy Engineers, a worldwide organization. It turned out to be an auspicious event at the AEE International Energy Conference on October 19th. Vytau found himself in pretty good company with other Projects of the Year (3M Company, Toyota Corporation, Cal Tech, and NASA). 


Vytau notes: "Being born in a refugee camp in Southern Germany, arriving in the US on a Liberty Ship with my parents,  processing through Ellis Island, and then growing up in Flint while attending a little school like St. Mike' was an honor and my great fortune to find myself included in such an august group."


Here's the press release published on Newswire:


The Millenium website:


IHM Nuns
Detroit Free Press
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Rich Reed wrote a great article about what life was like in Flint's parochial schools before there was a Powers High School. 

Jim Neff writes a weekly column for the Cadillac News. This appears on the editorial page every Saturday. To read Jim's columns, click on the NeffZone logo. 

Vytau Virskus wrote an entertaining article about his experiences after high school at Michigan State, specifically trying out for the Spartan football team.